I am Milixa Morón a Venezuelan realist painter. I was born in 1977 and my interest in drawing and painting began early. Through all my childhood I attended painting classes until my secondary school.

After graduated, in 1994 I enrolled to the Design Institute of Valencia where studied Graphic Design, when finishing it travelled to London where studied English for a year. Being there, I followed a course at the Camberwell College of Art and visited many art museums and exhibitions which inspired me and drove me to dedicate totally to painting. In 2000 few months after I returned to my home country, I enrolled to the Giovanni Battista Scalabrini Academy of Art, where I received the basics knowledge in the great traditions of western art and also had the opportunity to work for few months at the studio of the director, the artist Francesco Santoro.

In the summer of 2006 I went to the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in Toronto-Canada where I did few workshops as well as the first level of the programme.

At the beginning of 2007 I enrolled at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence-Italy where I finished my studies. Inmediately after in January 2010 I found an studio in a community called ArtSpace (for 2 years) where many artists had their own studio also; then for one more year I moved having my own studio together with my husband that is an artist too (the artist Elkin Cañas) where we painted and taught, and at the same time I was following the programme "La scuola libera del nudo" at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.

August 2013 we moved to Miami-USA. We founded an academy called Chiaroscuro Studio of Art. Today we paint and teach there.

During all these years I have participated in various salons, competitions and exhibitions in different countries, like the ARC salon competition in USA and Figurativas in Barcelona-Spain; and won some prizes and honorable mentions.


I am a realist painter, devoted to the resurgence and preservation of represen-tational painting in art.

I have a wide range of sources of inspiration, mostly are mythology of different cults, religions or cultures, universal symbols, universal believes with I could agree with or don't, psychological behavior, stories or people from history that left us an important reflection or thought, I drive to paint this kind of themes not only because I like them but also because I love the feeling they transmit to me, for a while I become them, I feel their knowledge, their pain or agony, their power, their mystery.

I love the creation of painting, how they become alive as you work on them and am working to create an unforgettable iconic image whose narrative and gaze transcend time, location, gender, culture, ethnicity, predisposition and the like.

Being inspired by all these, I love painting different forms, colors, values and textures. Always my still life have some meaning; and representing figures and portraits I do my best to capture the personality of the sitter.




Solo Show
2004 "Realism and Tradition in the XXI century" French Alliance of Valencia-Venezuela.

Group Shows
2015 Spectrum Miami/Contemporary Art Projects USA. (Art Basel Week, Miami).
2015 Paul Fisher-Small Format Exhibition. Palm Beach.
2015 10th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition. USA.
2014 9th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition. USA.
2014 Still Life: Mundane to the Sublime. Haynes Galleries. Nashville-US.
2013 Figuratives 13. Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes. Barcelona-Spain.
2013 1st National Biennial of Drawings and Prints. Valencia-Venezuela.
2013 The art of drawing. Women painting women. New works, new directions. A treasure trove of small things. Haynes Galleries. Nashville-USA.
2013 Fantastic Art Festival. Fortezza da Basso. Florence-Italy.
2012 Show “Mirame” Artisti latinoamericani a Firenze. Palazzo Bastogi. Florence-Italy.
2012 Art Shangai, Latin American Pavillion.
2012 La donna nel mondo che cambia. Casa della cultura. Florence.
2011 7th International 2010/2011 ARC salon competition.
2011 The Artist's Magazine 28th Annual Art Competition for December issue.
2011 I viaggi in Italia di giovani artisti internazionali. Libreria de'Servi. Florence.
2011 Two men show. "Stesso luogo-stesso tempo". La Boulangerie del Rifrullo. Florence.
2010 6th International 2009/2010 ARC Salon Competition. New York-USA.
2010 South American Realist Artists, Vivarium Novum and Venezuelan Embassy, Rome-Italy.
2009 Salon Hector Rojas Meza. Cabudare-Venezuela.
2009 7ma edizione. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea. San Francesco e Chiara d'Assisi. Palazzo Ducale di Massa-Italy.
2009 I Esposizione di Pittura Classica Realista di Artisti Venezuelani. In occasione del 198 anniversario della dichiarazione e firma dell'atto d'indipendenza, 5 luglio 1811. Galleria dell'Istitito Portoghese di Sant'Antonio. Roma-Italy.
2009 Venezuelani nel mondo, Padiglione delle Nazioni. Festival Latinoamericando. Milano-Italy.
2009 Angel Academy of Art Annual Exhibition. Florence-Italy.
2008 City-Wide Art VI and VII. Visual Art Competition. Florence-Italy.
2007 IX Salon Faber-Castell "Everyday reality". Caracas-Venezuela.
2007 Architectural Enviroments, Lurie Gallery, Miami-USA.
2007 2d Salon Rafael Monasterios, UCLA University , Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
2007 Fine Art Salon Virgin of the Valley. Lecherias-Venezuela.
2007 "Presence of the Divine Shepherdess". El Impulso, Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
2005 "Duo". French Alliance. Valencia-Venezuela.
2005 "Memories of a devotion". El impulso, Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
2003 XXIII Salon Festival of Cabriales. Valencia-Venezuela.
2002 II International competition of digital stamps. Gravat-Olot. Barcelona-Spain.
2002 Philips Art Expresions for young talents. Caracas-Venezuela.
2001 XXII Salon of Bejuma. Bejuma-Venezuela.

Awards and Honors
7th International 2010/2011 ARC Salon Competition, finalist in still life 2011
The Artist's Magazine Competition, Finalist in Still life and portrait. 2011
Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, Finalist-still life . 2010
Salon Hector Rojas Meza. Buscadores de Tesoros Prize. 2009
Salon Faber-Castell. Mention Faber-Castell. 2007
Salon Rafael Monasterios. 1st Prize. 2007
Philips Art Expresions for young talents. Honorable Mention. 2002
Salon of Bejuma. Town Hall of Bejuma Prize. 2001

2013 Program Scuola Libera del nudo at Accademia del Belle Arti di Firenze.
2009 Angel Academy of Art, Florence-Italy.
2006 Academy of Realist Art, Toronto-Canada.
2003 Giovanni Battista Scalabrini Academy of art, Valencia-Venezuela.
1997 Graphic Design, Design Institute of Valencia-Venezuela.

2014 “Milixa Morón Takes a long look back at the Masters”, Nashville Arts Magazine, February.
2013 Contemporary Artists. Llei D'art Magazine. # 11. Year 7. Spain.
2013 “Every picture tells a story” (personal article), Artist’s Magazine, March.
2012 “Desde Hipazia hasta Maria Lionza”, (personal article), Magazine Zeta, Venezuela.
2009 Cover of the Yellow Pages CANTV, central west, Venezuela.
2009 Personal article in the Cultural Magazine "AULAS" of Margarita #2-year 1, August-September. Especial Edition. Margarita-Venezuela.
2008 Posters for the day of the Divine Shepherdess, Barquisimeto-Venezuela.

Public Collections
Cabinet of drawing and print of Valencia. Collection Topel-Páez. Venezuela.
Buscadores de Tesoros. Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
Yellow Pages CANTV. Venezuela
UCLA University. Barquisimeto-Venezuela.
Faber-Castell. Caracas-Venezuela.
Town Hall of Bejuma. Bejuma-Venezuela.

Haynes Galleries. Tennessee and Maine -USA
Jack Meier Gallery. Houston-USA
Ellysium Gallery. London-England
Galeria Arte Diez. Caracas-Venezuela